Capturing voice

At voice2words, we excel at getting the best from individual and group interviews.




Our interviewers are "people smart": building rapport, listening sensitively and asking the right questions at the right time. Our skills are the product of years of experience and an ongoing fascination with diversity.

Using rigorous, in-depth interviewing techniques, we elicit monologues that illuminate and give rich detail. Our active listening recreates the energy of natural conversation. We guide individuals to describe their world in their own terms, whilst ensuring the research goals are met.

With groups we facilitate true interaction. Drawing out opinions, we ensure all voices are heard. We stimulate lively discussion, creating a safe space in which to disagree or explore differences.

We offer clients field notes to complement the interview data, making transparent our role in shaping the results. These notes aid interpretation by giving context to group dynamics and the interviewing process.

For further reading, and articles presenting innovative techniques for capturing voice, we suggest: